To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. - Newton

Be In Action To Bring All In Action

Action is a dynamic term related to the efforts applied in doing something in order to achieve an aim or an act. It has varied dimensions from person to person and organization to organization. For an individual, an action may refer to putting efforts towards meeting personal day to day activities. For an organization, an ‘action’ may refer to the reforms made for internal activity coverage or the rules and regulations governing the conduction of activities and functioning of the human resource force in that organization. Hence, it depends from people to people and organization to organization how to interpret an action and make measures to bring the most out of it.

Let us take a look at the organizational part of view. An Organization consists of huge number of human capitals which requires proper planning for the co-existing functioning of the people within as well as the organization. It is indeed evident from the fact that a space involving large number of people co-existing together will result into a rise of conflicts among them as well as their thought process. It is the prime responsibility of an organization to ensure and help people develop a common thought process and bringing them inline in the organization’s interest. 

In order to keep its workforce inline with the organizational requirements, they should figure out the way and means and most importantly, the people involved in interacting with the team. The later one becomes a primary concern as identifying the right set of people for this particular task role isn’t a cake walk. It involves huge commitment from the organization end as well the person identified for that job role. At organizational level, the communication taking place may be of two kinds: intra-departmental or inter-departmental. A proper inter department coordination involves the flow of communication and data among several department showcasing the need or assistance required. It has to be so well communicated that the point of contact should be in a position to easily encounter and deliver it.

What Is An Organisation All About

You may see several inventions and discoveries made on day to day basis from over the decade. Have you ever wondered what drives in the inspiration or thought to do so? Inventions and discoveries are not simply out by chance all the times, most of the times there is an objective related to it. Likewise, there is always some thought process and objectives behind the setting up of a company. Every founder carries within him/her a sense of responsibility and understanding as to why is he/she setting up that company, what would be the goals, the common objective etc. Things fall in place after rigorous brainstormings which is not just a day’s task.

A company is a diverse place offering a platform to the people from various social, economical and geographical backgrounds. A person’s disabilities or their background may not always be an option of choice for them. Irrespective of their origin, a company should provide a fair and equal opportunity to all its employees. This would not only boost up the workforce self-esteem but will also encourage them to leave behind all the social barriers and showcase the best in them. 

We find every second person questioning and criticising our society. But, one should be sensible enough to give it a thought as to how much reasonable it is to sit back and watch the show and point fingers. They should have a sense of realization that it’s ‘we’, who makes up the society, its ‘them’ who makes up the society. In order to bring in a change in our so followed up ‘society’, we need to work on ourselves and bring in a change within us in terms of practices, thought processes, etc.

A company can act on many fronts for bringing this change in our society. Companies can nurture great talents in various sectors or areas by giving them a platform free from any social reforms or backward mindset. A company’s focus should only be on the talent and work capabilities possessed by the employee not on where he/she has originated from. The next step is to shape these talents further, bring out the best in them and contributing in our nation’s development by deploying them and taking from them the quality work. 

Its All About Action

Growth is often related to ‘increment’. By increment, we mean an increase in the size, deliverables, outcome, revenue, etc. An organization’s growth is measured in terms of its overall size i.e., the number of employees that it houses, or the number of projects it is getting and the turnover. All these factors vary from company to company. Being an organization, growing by value and contribution to the society should be above all.


To speak in brief and make it more clear, ‘Growth’ should always be conceptualised in terms of an ‘Action’. The efficiency of an action is directly proportional to the growth, whether its an individual growth or an organizational growth. Your Action Plan is a seldom pathway and staircase to your growth. How Much Ever strong is the action plan, that much strong would be the grip of the staircase to the ground a well as the goal ultimately connecting to growth.

Organizations should identify their mission and vision well in time and convey the same to their employees so that they carry an insight of what they can easily relate to What, Why, When and How. This would help the employees of the organization to gain a clear picture as to what they are expected to do and keep them inline with the mission and vision of the company. This way they will start analysing their role and responsibilities and work accordingly. 

How One Member Can Make Huge Impact On Overall Team

An ocean is made with each drop pouring in. Every drop of water counts in building up the ocean. Similarly, each person in an organization counts. Every single person has a value attached with them. The value and principles that each of them bring in with them varies from one another giving the organization multiple options to utilize them in best possible way. 


Every single person’s contribution in an organization is of great importance. These individual contributions sum up together and give a final result adding into organization’s growth. These individuals further work as a team interacting with other individuals within and outside their team to achieve the common interest of organization. It is important for the organizations to focus on each individual as each of them bring in with them their own capabilities. 

An organization is build up with its human resources. Organizations spend their valuable time in searching and hiring people possessing capabilities inline with their goals. Nurturing great talents adds a top-level assurance in bringing out the quality in the organization’s work at the same time helping individuals grow in an organization. This way even the individuals have a share of their expectations meeting up as well as the organization meets its growth. 

Bring All In Action

Goals may be categorised in two ways for common understanding : Personal goals and Organisational goals. People are often seen being sought after their personal goals. However, an organization is a bigger and greater platform and meeting an organizational goal generally  requires huge workforce, skills, dedication and commitment. In such a wide scenario, goals can be met solely based on a great and effective teamwork.

It is to be noted here that, organisations should reframe their structure in order to get the show going. They should emphasize on how to make their workforce more productive. It is a point of realization for them that bringing all in action is the seldom path to make a significant impact. To do so, the authorised persons within the organization should themselves come into action and introduce the ways and lead the path. 

Every work, every project , every scenario requires an action plan. A problem may be minute enough for the individuals to tackle it themselves or it may be vast enough for an organization to build up an effective strategy to tackle it. These vast problem statements require  a wise effort and action plan to meet the solution. 


Thus, ‘Action’ may give multiple scenarios and a wider overview as to what it exactly is. It depends from person to person, Organization to organization, sector to sector and domain to domain. The only thing we need to understand and focus upon is that action involves planning and commitment. To bring others in action, one should himself be under action, whether its building up a strategy or involving others in building it up and meeting the needs.