What is Content Management System and How it is helpful for Startups and SME


A Content Management System, commonly known as CMS is a computer application that supports the creation, modification and publication of digital content using a common user interface and integrated multi-user collaborative environment.

   Business website

Startups and Small Medium Enterprise lack resources. Thus, it is very important for them to select the right one among the available to mark their presence. Nescode offers portal development services using Django, Drupal and WordPress framework to make your website usable and scalable.

Content Administration using CMS Framework

Content administration is an affair involving drafting, suitable image designing, content approval, preview and publishing thereby involving a huge amount of time and user involvement.Depending on your organization characteristics, all these stages may require two or more users for effective web page.

WordPress admin panel

CMS Admin panel has all required blocks to do content housekeeping work inline with your organization process flow. As per online data, more than 35% of websites are build using WordPress framework. Content administration using WordPress admin panel is easier than ever before, admin panel looks like this.

Content Authoring

Drafting a content is almost the same as you use your regular office document. All the required tools to author a rich content is available in a single window including share and publish button. 

Content Editor

Publish Content on the Go

We offer device responsive design not only for published content but administration panel also. Using tablet and laptop, you can draft and publish content on the go. Strategy behind this is - business runs 24/7 so your back end should also work 24/7 on the go.

Structured Content

The biggest advantage of using Content Management system is having a structured platform for content publishing. Since, CMS uses standard MVC (Model View Controller) base framework, your content, image, media and document will be managed in hierarchical and structured way. 

Wagtail CMS

Readers Experience

Content Management System offers a beautiful reading experience and a simple way to follow, favourite your sites and RSS feeds. Linking a page with another page with structured navigation helps users to browse through your website easily and take a buying decision. 

Scalable to any Size

CMS Framework gives you an edge where even you can have a single page website to thousands of page, choice is yours. Since, CMS offers a content administration feature, any novice user can add, delete or update a page.

Best choice for Search Engine Optimization

All search engine follows a standard approach to index a website and CMS Powered site and SEO is made for each other. If your marketing strategy includes search engine visibility then CMS Framework is best bet for you.

Google SEO Optimization

Leading Search Engine

Leading search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo index your site within a week time if content sitemap is submitted using respective search engine webmaster tools. Nescode submits your website directory to all leading search engine without any additional cost.

Rich Analytics

We offer  rich analytics powered by Google and open source application which will give a detailed overview of visitor's activities on your website. Analytics also help you to make a strategy for a specific geographical location and monitor users activities.

Google analytics

Secure and Scalable Cloud Hosting

Nescode offers a secure and scalable hosting powered by Amazon AWS and Google. Cloud vendors like Google and Amazon offer almost zero downtime and super fast response time. 

Open Source and Nescode

We always choose open source content management system to ensure your startups or small medium enterprise do not have extra overhead of licensing. Open source software is more than a product and services, it is built by you and for you. We are actively involved in several open source project to empower startups and SME like you.

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