Let's Build The Future Of The Web With Actionable Guidance And Analysis

World Wide Web(www) or, simply ‘web’ consists an informational space that searches and gives out the results based on the requests made by the users in the forms of Uniform Resource locators(URLs). Like any other thing on the network, this information or the pieces of information are made available and accessible through the internet. The web has evolved a lot in order to provide us with the advanced and the most recent details about the desired information. Today, it is a growing web of interlinked and intra linked web pages. Now, the web has evolved to an extent where it is the result of the contribution of an open web community.

Web has an integral effect on our daily lives. Every information required right from the minutes of the minute to rocket science, the web gives us the definition, information and solution to everything that we need. It not only acts as an information source but also acts as our friend and guide to lead our life. Since, the web is a hub for all the solutions, a person from anywhere and anytime receives the desired information and implies that for technological advancement. In the modern era, with everything getting a modern touch, we should modernise the web too to be competent as per current standards. 

Web played a major role in technological advancement whether it is a consumer or industrial point of view. For an advancement and any idea, platform or tool, we need a sophisticated medium through which knowledge will be synchronized to end user and future of the web will be a defining component to achieve it. Data clearly shows that web made a strong bridge between inter-community and inter-country and it’s getting stronger on each day. As an individual or organization, we consume web more than anything else today therefore, it’s important to do the advancement to add value to billions of users worldwide. 

How The Future Of Web Should Be From Developer & Users Perspective

Most of the technologies are getting transformed with AI and Machine Learning in the current scenario. They give us relevant and desirable results without any ambiguity with the help of AI and Machine Learning. Having seen that AI and Machine Learning embedded systems yield better results, it would be generous enough to embed these even in the web. This would help the mass gain better insights as well as personalized results. 

Developers carry a responsibility to pay their contribution towards mankind by developing and delivering in people’s interest. Web developers play a crucial role in making the future of their web. They should understand their responsibilities in order to make web intelligent and smart enough to serve the users. They should take the help of web technologies in order to gain the ability to create efficient and advanced web experiences.

It is very much necessary to keep the people’s interest in mind. Since the end users are the ones who would be using the deliverables, it is a key essential point to keep their interests and expectations under implementation. Similarly, developers should first try to chart out what users actually expect from better web in terms of knowledge and results. They should then build up the deliverables revolving in and around these factors laid down by the users. We, at Nescode, treat the end users to be carrying prime importance. We believe in making the web smarter and stronger by embedding future technologies like AI and Machine Learning on top of it.

Fast Load Times To Avoid User Drop Off

In this ever-growing and advancing world, each process needs to be fastened up. For modern web experiences, load time needs to be fast and this is possible only when it is optimized properly. You would have seen users leaving the page if it takes much time to respond. This is not a good sign of proper optimization. When a development company building a modern web experience, its important to measure, optimize and monitor to achieve an objective of quality users experience. Therefore, website and application should focus on optimization that user-centric metrics rather than developer/owner thought. fast load

There is an ample number of ways in which developers can make the website load time fast and make it efficient. Own content delivery network(CDN) can be implemented. Compressing the content may keep the website neat and accommodate several contents. Using adaptive images may help save the bandwidth and hence reduce the load time of the web page. The cache stores a lot of the previous information. This storing of the cache helps in remembering earlier stored information thus reducing the time to feed in those details and thus contributes to improving load time.

Optimizing the static files like javascript, CSS and web fonts improve the website and application performance significantly. The developer should use CDN for these static files rather than adding and making application heavy. One of the most important advances of using the CDN is, almost all the companies using CDN and if your user is accessing your website/application, most probably those static CDN will be in their browser cache and it will speed up the load time significantly. 

Network Resilience For Consistent & Reliable Performance

The web gives you access to the diverse global audience with a range of age group, community, devices and network providers. Therefore, optimizing the web or while building the future of the web asset, need to have a comprehensive strategy to offer a consistently reliable experience for users across the globe. network resilence

Network resilience in general terms can be understood as the availability of the service even in the situations of faults and challenges. It is very important to deliver the content to end user regardless of their network quality. Developers can optimize the application using caching toolbox and caching strategies.  Both client and server side testing is necessary. Page caching helps to improve the load time of the web page. HTML file size should be optimized and external CSS should be used further. A drastic improvisation can be brought through the HTTP headers and Caching. A website can store the data for the purpose of speed up requests on different layers namely, Client, Network, Server and Application. 

Safe & Secure To Ensure Data Security

Most of the today’s website and applications are insecure and it is heavily impacting the end users. Almost every website is vulnerable to attack, not just the application who manage customers sensitive data. The website/application owner needs to have a defined strategy to address the security concern of users data and how a browser should mitigate against attack. There are browser features that restrict the cross-origin interactions by documents and script. To put it in a simple word - Most of the users open multiple tabs in a single browser and all the website and application comes with own iframes and scripts and if a script is compromised by an attacker, it will expose everything on user’s browser. dom element

Since website or an application development company make users agree on the terms and conditions set by their company norms, that doesn’t mean that their responsibilities of making or building a safe and secure internet experience is over. Data are a very delicate element which needs to be protected at every stage. Whether it is an individual or an organization, each one of us should understand our social responsibilities, and data security being one of them. We must follow the norms, guidelines and standards regulated by the concerned authorities irrespective of our personal or organizational goals. 

Easily Discoverable In Search Channel

Search engines have undoubtedly made user’s life simple right from finding the better coffee to habitat. Therefore, website and application should be optimized enough to be easily discoverable in search results. Consider a scenario where you are trying to search for the tea states and the search engine lands you up at NASA’s official site. What a disinterest right? Exactly, this is where website optimization plays an integral role. It is the prime and key element that helps you find out what you are looking for with utmost accuracy.future of the web

The Web content should be discoverable if it is for public users reason being if a search engine has trouble seeing your page, website/application owner possibly missing out on a traffic source. Technically, we call it Search Engine Optimization. Tools are readily available to audit the site and check the SEO results to see how well search engine can surface site content. A simple strategy to optimize the web for SEO is to ensure descriptive titles, descriptions, and link text are optimized properly. If the site has multiple version, it makes more sense to define the version to be crawled and indexed.  

Accessible To All Users For Wider Audience 

Website and application users are not restricted by age group, geographic location or sector, they are present everywhere across the timezone.  A person in India uses the same app being used by the person in Indonesia, such as the scenario. Also, it is not advisable to restrict people from using a website or an application based on geographical variations. A brand is successful when it has a wide audience. Therefore, website/ application should be developed in such a way that it should be easily accessible to all the users in terms of device, timezone or language. A person using a desktop or a mobile phone or a tab should all be in a position to access the same required content. This is advisable from not only the technological point of view, but also, from a social point of view thus, safeguarding both their human as well as fundamental rights.

Understanding the diverse needs of users is important from an accessibility point of view regardless of any user’s impairments. As an Internet Engineering Company, we assume that all users can see and use the keyboard, mouse or touchscreen to interact with your page. Ignoring a simple usability factor can create issues that range from simple annoyances to show-stoppers for others. Using the semantic HTML to render the page content,  buttons and control focus with tabindex will win the users vote and can make your website/application usable. Symantec layout is one of the most important components to develop the future of the web. 

Website & Application Has To Be Intelligent

Most of the websites and applications present today are just a piece of content lying with an artwork. If you do a detailed study and observation, you would find out that many of them aren’t even relevant enough and doesn’t serve the purpose. Do you think that it is enough for the future of the web? Of course, not. Website/application needs to be intelligent enough to serve the users based on their activities on respective website/application.

One may be interested to learn a course on brand marketing, the other may be a school student looking for their science project. The purpose of surfing varies from user to user. Ones need may be different from that of the others. Thus, the current time requires a personalized result to be generated for each user uniquely based on their surfing patterns and requirements. This can be made possible by integrating the newer and advanced technologies like AI and Machine Learning. Also, Adaptive Learning is the call of the hour. If integrated and implemented, it would result in efficient and personalized search results for each user or organization.  


Web has always been the hub of information for each one of us. Whether it is a school going kid or a professional or an organization, each of us are directly dependent upon the web to get our work done. Hence, it is well evident to mention and realize that we should work and contribute our bit towards building the web and help in not just it’s growth but, help it grow intelligently. This requires great expertise in proportion with actionable guidance and analysis.