New Year, New Resolution And An All New Start

It is that time of the year again when we have just departed Christmas with the bells ringing and ready to welcome the upcoming year wholeheartedly. There is tremendous joy all around. School going kids are enjoying their vacations in India while in other western countries people are enjoying snowfall. It is that time when kids are filled with joy thinking about the Santa’s gift and elders are rejoiced at the thought of meeting their friends and family.

Among all these fuss, all of us have thought and started planning how our new year 2019 would be. Some are planning for a late night party on 31st of December, some are planning to meetup on 1st of Jan 2019 and start the new year with a small celebration. However, apart from these celebrations, we have all thought how we will be looking forward to make 2019 meaningful.

A meaningful 2019 may carry its own meaning in one’s life. Some may idealise an year to be good in terms of their career, some in their health, while others as a whole. We are also well aware that new year is the time to make new resolutions. Well, each one of us makes a new year resolution. And do you think you keep up your new year resolutions going and does it work out? If yes, for how many months, weeks or even days? Haha, yes, thinking of these and trying out hard over the years to maintain the new year resolution league and failing out each time, many of us have even given upon the thought of having a new year resolution. Well, how many of us really understand in depth what actually the new year resolution means? Yes, let us help you figure out this and all you just have to do is go through this blog. Are you ready? Well, we are.

Significance Of Each Upcoming Year In Ones Life

A new year stands unique or marks the arrival of not only a new calendar year but, it also marks the arrival of new events in people’s life. One should always plan up for the upcoming events for sure to be on a safer side and for a proper execution but, they must not do over-thinking and lead to building up of negative thoughts or scenarios. This is a very bad human tendency to overthink, connect a series of events and build up a false perception. One should always stay positive under any circumstance and build up a positive attitude learning from lessons of life.

New year

A new year carries extreme significance in one’s life. It brings a ray of hope for each one of us to grab a new opportunity. It is a common mentality of mankind that we curse the current year when something doesn’t happen as per our expectation. You would have heard some of the people saying that this year wasn’t good for me in terms of health, career, personal life or money. On the other hand, some might be happy because things happened as per their expectations. A well doesn’t walk to the thirsty man and gives water, similarly, we must develop a basic common understanding that if we expect something or want to make best out of our life, we must just not sit back, expect and wait. We must put forward our step, grab the opportunities and make it result positive towards our expectations.

What Is A New Year Resolution

Over the years, we have developed a tendency and are maintaining a league of making a new year resolution at the very first day of every year and try to follow and maintain that all throughout the year. These resolutions may be some personal goals, a change in habit/behaviour, some routine work that would help a person reach better heights. These resolutions are the goals or mission that an individual would have set or an organization would have set on a whole. 

New Year Resolution For The Organizations

As at an individual level, the resolutions are meant to improve their own lives, setting resolution for organizations play a vital and a broader role. This is so because, setting a personal goal is very easy and person specific. But, when it comes to an organization, there are ample number of people involved. The goals or resolution being set up at an organizational level cannot be a single-person specific. It is to be in both people as well as company’s interest. And, the most important thing is that, a balance needs to be maintained between the both.

While setting up goals/ making a resolution at the organizational level,  the resolution should be in favour of everyone and not just favouring one. The high level management team of the organization should be carrying the level of expertise and understanding to set up a common goal and not only forming the goal but, instead, to work towards achieving it.  Some of the goals that could be set up towards organizational goal should be making and regulations of some of the rules and guidelines that would bring the individuals within the organization work inline with the organizational goal and also achieve the personal goals. Also, a common rule or framework can be brought in for the regular learning to fill in the knowledge within the individuals in the organizations.    

New Year, New Meaning- Changing Lives

We at Nescode, have always believed in a new day, a new opportunity concept. For us every day brings in a new energy and a new opportunity to enhance ourselves. Obviously, a new year stays way beyond just a calendar date or transition in the dates. We see the upcoming year as an encapsulated package of series of events and opportunities. The real challenge lies in realizing and encountering these opportunities, grabbing it and making the best out of it.

The coming year 2019 is a bringing a ray of hope in all our lives. Nescode takes an opportunity to make it meaningful for not only itself but, also our fellow organizations and institutions. We have always believed in a collaborative growth. For us, Pride lies in just not only moving ahead ourselves, but, also, helping our nation grow. We are looking forward to take our products, services and offerings to a next level by adding our pinch of technology expertise.


Life gives us all its own ups and downs. The real challenge lies in governing and taking an authority over these, rule out these and walk with pride. Seek out an opportunity at every step, in each day, in each moment. You never know what would turn out to be your lucky moment. Nescode firmly believes in “ Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”. Learn it, face it, and gold it. Make your life reflect all the colours of rainbow. May each of us reach all our goals in this upcoming year. 

“We wish you all a happy, prosperous and a meaningful new year.”

Team Nescode