Say Hello Django At Nescode

Going back in time, Python programming language born as a general purpose high-level programming language and developed by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. Since inception, the architecture and design philosophy behind python is code readability. Considering our hands-on experience with Python, it is one of those rare languages which can claim to be both simple and powerful. When we started working on Python, we were surprised to see how easy it is to concentrate on the solution to the problem rather than the syntax and structure of the language.

Considering the scope of the web world, there are several web frameworks based on python, which is used globally for an internet engineering. Django is one of the leading web framework which is based on “battery included” philosophy means the most basic required component to develop web-based application is already there in a web framework.

Our encounter with Django is one of the most fascinating stories which is worth sharing with all of you. And the journey of building and deploying the first most basic application on a cloud server is even more interesting. 

How We Started With Python & Django

In mid-summer of 2012, as usual, in a pursuit of finding something interesting on Google, we were doing manual web scraping and came across with a beautiful ERP name ERPNext. The UI/UX and simplicity of an application has insisted us to connect the publishers and they have welcomed us to be a partner for ERPNext. With ERPNext, we have started as an implementation partner and community moderator. Association with ERPNext was the point where we have started exploring the python and today we do almost everything on python itself. 

Django framework

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. In 2012, there was very less number of people were working on python and knowing Django framework. We were lucky enough of not having any mentor for Django even on how to set up the system also, we have had to go through google and youtube. Post couple of unsuccessful attempt, we configured the Django successfully and saw a beautiful page “It Works!”. We were surprised with the clean code structure and default features available out of the box.

Hello Django Conceptualization

Best side of Django is every single component is configurable and you need to configure based on your requirement. In early days, since our mentor was Google for small to small query, one day we landed on Django Girls website. Django girls is an amazing initiative to inspire women from all background to get interested in technology and to become programmers and its been started by two great women named - Ola Sitarska & Ola Sendecka. Above all, Django Girls is Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The goal of the foundation is to advance the education of the public in particular but not exclusively women in the subject of computer science by providing or assisting in the provision of programming workshops and educational material. Their tutorial was so beautifully written that we have developed a simple blog application and hosted on Pythonanywhere cloud server in one attempt. We got inspired by Django Girls and thought of doing something on a similar line but not limited to only girls. We thought of welcoming all genders. 

Hello Django

This is how Hello Django born and we have started offering python and django training and organize workshops, create an open source online tutorial, help people with tools and resource. Our goal is to bring amazing people into diverse Django community. Eventually, this has helped us get better python developer for our own development requirement. Even, we have served several other companies requirements of python developer.

What Differentiate Us From Other

At some point in our life, we meet a teacher who leaves a lasting impression through their way of teaching and making complex topics/subject easy to understand. There is a common perception that Python is hard but it's not. Python is one of the most readable, friendly and easy to learn language. We have designed our course in such a way to: 

  • Make Python and Django easy to learn.
  • Build a real project.
  • Work on live customer project where you earn while learning.
  • Learn more since our batch is of maximum 10 students.
  • Get a true experience of learning since this is not our business where we make money. This is an effort to contribute back to the open source community.
  • Most affordable Python and Django training program.

Build It, Break It And Again Build It

At Nescode, we believe in a simple thought - Practice makes a people perfect. Build it, break it and again build it philosophy will help you understand the stuff works in the background. It will make your concepts more clear. Right from joining date, we encourage our students to do all sorts of experiment with code to see the end results and co-relate the cause & effect.

What Make A Good Programmer

The one skill that will make you a bad programmer or good programmer is attention to detail. Whatever you learn, pay full attention else don't learn it. If you are failing in paying attention to the tiniest details of work, better you train your brain first. As a programmer, you have to deal with hundreds of small bugs. And the quality of attention while learning/working will help you find bugs easily.

Being A Python Development Company What We Do

While there are various Python, Django and PostgreSQL online guides and related documentation are available, it can still be challenging to get the most out of python, Django and database for your developer. The required knowledge for developing scalable web application only comes with years of experience on python stack. At Nescode, our design and engineering value proposition delivers end-to-end solutions to the customer, ensures right quality, stability, scalability and systematically speed up a time to market. Our ultimate intent lies in taking up the opportunity to brighten up all your ideas encapsulating user experience and functional richness.

Precautions For Beginners

Python and Django are one of the beautiful language and framework but tutorials out there on the Internet is so complicated that beginners are scared of learning. This is an effort to make Python and Django easy to learn and develop some real project.

A journey of learning Python and Django is not going to be something like walking on Red Carpet. The people who achieved something in his/her life worked hard day-in and day-out. Some of the bullet points worth mentioning here:

  • Never lose your patience while learning any new thing.
  • Always try to find a solution(s) whether it is your problem or someone else.
  • Never give up. More than failure nothing will happen. But failures are going to give you an ultimate experience.
  • Maintain consistency in your day-to-day learning schedules.


As an individual or an organization, each one of us chooses a platform of our choice. And then, we find a way to learn to deliver optimum results. But in the journey of reaching to perfection is never been an easy for anyone in history and same with us also. By leveraging an open source Python and Django framework, we believe in encouraging a culture at Nescode to add value to the community. We are a member of several open source community and encourage all to be a part of it to contribute back. Join us at Hello Django to know how awesome is Python & Django.