Our Property Marketplace and ECommerce help startups get into next stage

We ourselves being a startup understand completely what all it takes to survive a product development journey.We have come over a little further in our journey by developing our own products based on open source MVC framework like Django, NodeJS, AngularJS and ASP.Net thus, helping startups and SME to overcome the hurdles.

We do provide you with the customization of our baseline product framework to suit all your business needs. Kindly drop us a line to initiate a discussion.

Clean, Lean and Mean Product development is what we are known for. - Nescode
Property Management Application

Property Marketplace

Our property marketplace platform application has helped leading property management company like PropertyShare over the years to perform day-to-day task like managing multiple properties, investors, investment returns, impressions and automated newsletter etc.

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Ecommerce platform

Ecommerce platform

 Our shopping cart application is built using Django framework  and is designed to put forward a clean and feature rich platform to sell products and services online globally. “Platform is tailored to extensible at core”- means, as per the requirement of the hour of your business any part of the framework can be customized and extended.

ECommerce platform code repository


Multi-vendor Marketplace platform

Our marketplace application underlines Django framework which further helps user to buy and sell products online. It’s a multi-vendor platform architectured to offer unlimited scope of customization. The product is currently under development and code is released under MIT Licenses. 


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