A Support Ticket System designed for business

Nescode Support Ticketing System is an ideal open- source helpdesk for your business offering your client with the best possible customer services. It has a whole suite of features that allow businesses to provide top quality support for their customers, all while saving on licensing costs. The best part of this ticketing system is that it is easy to understand and easy to use. Having said that, Nescode implements this Open Source Ticketing system to serve our own customers with the best services. If you are looking to implement a new ticketing system or replace an existing one, contact us right away.

Make customer happy by solving their problem via email, web-forms and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. - Nescode
Helpdesk system for business

Amazing User Interface

Nescode Support Ticketing System provides you with an amazing interface which allows you to track, prioritize and solve customer tickets. Now one can organize their tickets the way they want with an amazing view. It allows you to get an instant overview of your team’s workload, check and generate the status of the ticket.

Nescode helpdesk dashboard

Ticket Distribution

Organize, Assign and handle your tickets according to departments and teams. It gets the ticket to the correct department. Allows you to assign tickets to operators, order tickets based on priority, and provide a clear status of the all tickets. It allows you to search by department, create time and labels.

Helpdesk ticket distribution


Custom fields, help desk topics, forms, lists, filters, and more. It integrates with other tools like live chat. Not only this, it adds transparency to your processes and keeps them in the loop. Moreover, all the communication is centralized on the support ticket providing a better organization by eliminating the need for multiple emails on the same topic.

Helpdesk custom fields


Generate reports that allow you to keep track of customer support tickets, dates, response time, most active support staff and performance. Organizations can easily view performance of operators and the various departments within their organization. This way it becomes easier and really feasible to chart out the common problems through ticket distribution. The topics can be determined within a company on which the company need to write how to’s on.

Helpdesk report

Time Efficient

Auto-responder allows for responses to be customized and automatically sent out every time a new ticket is received. Less time is wasted due to the ability to sort and assign tickets. You can even increase your efficiency by automating certain processes. It cuts down response time by easily getting the ticket to the correct department.