Works with startups to drive results

Nescode is an Internet Engineering Company that combines strategy, design and engineering in open source technologies. In simplest terms, we works with startups at any stage helping them with strategy, design, development, launch and ongoing support of mobile and web application.

Planning and research

Planning and Research

Planning and research of technologies capabilities and their associated costs, benefits, risk is always critical for startups business.

User experience

User Experience Design

In depth research of users, identifying their behaviour and genuine needs shape the entire process of user experience.

Technologies and Platform

Technology and Platform

Identification and selection of right technology not only help your startups grow but also reduce extra overheads.

Startup business ideas

We collaborate to add value

We are minimalist since inception and usually we don’t signup any project unless we are sure that we can add value to your startups. Once we collaborate, our primary objective used to deliver results and add value instead of recommendations.


  • Corporate identity and public facing websites.
  • Custom tailored IT solutions suited to startup business requirements.
  • Business process and operation automation by implementing ERP for Small Medium Enterprise.
  • Market research and intelligences - Identifying potential competitors, product price, sales methods and customer base.
  • Organization building.
  • IT Support and Hand-holding

Results rather than recommendations

Analysis and powerpoint presentations are not business objective. At Nescode, we believe in deliverable that meet the goal of stakeholders. After ensuring results, we follow industry standards tools to analyse the review the results to understand whether we are heading in right direction or not. Usually, our sprint and task are weekly based.

Solutions tailored for Startups

In a very first meeting with startups, we do all due diligence of understanding the business profile, their market segment, delivery model and process. As per our finding, then we recommend the solution they need along with priority.

But the basic IT requirement after opening a new company is moreover same:

Domain name and email setup

At Nescode, we engage in brainstorming process of finding right domain name for your startups and setting business email. Google apps for work and education program help startups maximize the results by using world class Google email, calendar, document, storage and communication and collaboration tools.

Website development

Website works like a brand ambassador for your business. It echo your business theme and value which you would like to sync with customer. Therefore, designing and developing a website tightly aligned with your product and services is very important. We develop functional, dynamic, scalable and secured website using Content Management System.

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Blog: What is Content Management System and how it is helpful for startups and Small business.

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Application development

When technology meet business ideas, it brings sparks and deliver a sustainable growth. We offer custom application development based on your needs using industry cutting edge technologies like Python, NodeJS, AngularJS and ASP.Net.

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To minimize the investment, our open source offerings combines of implementation and customization of existing community based application. We are a volunteer and contributor for several leading open source project.

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