Consulting Insight, Design-led Thinking To Connect Digital & Physical

Organizations need to grow at every step.  As is said, with great power, comes great responsibilities. Hence, with each growing step, organizations need to work towards ensuring the sustainability of their power and position. Carrying a sense of responsibility would help them work towards attaining the best. Consulting isn’t just limited to seeking advice. Nescode has keenly observed the growth of the companies that seek consulting services. The reason lies in the concept that seeking consulting services provides an exposure of thoughts and methods from outside bodies which gives them a sense of 360 degree overview as to what is going in the outside world. Thus, it is evident that seeking consulting services accelerate company’s journey towards tentative growth. 

A design-led thinking is much beneficial to architect a sustainable organization not only internally, but also externally. To build such an architecture, it is necessary to connect the digital as well as physical to build up a natural communication channel between digital and real world. Here, please note that digital refers to the technology under use and physical refers to the mind and body effort involved in the process to utilize these digital instruments/activities.

Consulting Insight To Analyse And Build A Better Roadmap

Generating insight lays down a clear picture and in depth root knowledge of any work. This is also true in the case of consulting. The generated insights helps the organization as well as the consultants to figure out as to what will be appropriate for the governing of the organization as well as what would be the best possible solution for the problem statement raised by the organizations to the consultants. Henceforth, it is a common need that the consultants possess huge amount of information and work as a knowledge resource in true senses. Insights are really important when it comes to carrying forward with laying down the blueprint of the strategies to be worked upon. Likewise, Consulting insights lays a blueprint for not only the organizations and consultants to come together and laying down a proper strategy for the proper functioning but, also helps the new joinees of the organization to go through and understand the functioning on the go for over the years.


Insights are really important but, a data-driven insight works as a perfect icing on the cake giving it an extra illuminating touch in a common man’s language. It is always beneficial for the strategies and insights to be data driven to carry it to a level ahead. Data-driven characteristic adds an additional layer of intact information wrapped around the building strategy. Thus, a data-driven insight is at par with any other form of insights. With the bidirectional flow of data happening every single second in every organization, it is important to handle and keep a check on both inflow and outflow of data. This is a critical yet crucial step as not keeping a check and ensuring as to what information is travelling outside the company or what is travelling inside may affect the company reputation.

Design-led Thinking Process, An Interaction Design Foundation

Design-led thinking stands for the structural planning of the innovation required for the growth of the company by keeping the problem statement at most priority. Prototyping leads to a long way when it comes to the laying down of the strategy. It becomes an integral part of the design-led thinking strategy. Prototyping allows as a fuel and energy booster to the design-led thinking taking it to another level altogether. It gives a practical touch to the thinking process thus, giving it a more valuable touch.

It is of utmost importance to make all the functioning related to an organization fairly interactive both inside the organization as well as outside. People engagement gives life to the brand in true senses. Within an organization, people should interact with each other to work towards the common goal of the organization. Outside the organization, company should follow approaches that brings them in constant touch with their end users building a stable ecosystem. Design-led thinking approach follows a basic yet crucial approach when it comes to people engagement. Prototyping being its part, it gives people within the company as well as outside the company to interact with the product and contribute in their own way to the building or innovating a newer and a better thing. 

Stages Involved In Design Thinking Process

Design thinking is a lifeline of building any clean strategy. As it is a crucial yet complex process, it involves huge thought process and execution thus, involving several steps. Each stage in Design thinking has its own uniqueness. 

  1. Understanding is the first and foremost in this scenario as building a proper understanding of the action plan is what would help in proper execution. 
  2. As anything can be learnt by a keen observation, a proper observation helps the officials examine a lot of patterns that lead from one step to another. It also builds up the ability of self thinking and application. 
  3. The next stage is where people define the problem and the solution statement. Basically, this is the proposal statement which is formed keeping the users, requirements as well as insights in the picture. 
  4. Next comes the idealization stage. Here, the people are given cases and asked to find or give the best judgement. 
  5. Now, is the stage where prototyping comes in the picture. This gives a clear as well as some sort of physical form to the ideas drawn so far which may be in the form of a drawing or a model. 
  6. The last and final stage is testing where the actual scale of working is defined.

Being such a crucial step, organizations should follow approaches that would lead them to master the design-thinking approach. Certain measures should be taken within the organization to ensure this. The workforce of the organization should go some sort of constant training. These training should be more real-time based and situational based so that they can apply their logical and analytical skills and come up with the best solution.  

Track Leading From Digital To Physical 

Everything has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Digital approach adds a tinch of easing the things on the go. It fastens the mechanism and lets people have freedom of multiple selections and execution.  Whereas, on the other hand, Physical approach might not fasten up the process that much as compared to the digital approach but, it gives a natural and physical appearance which brings in better day-to-day relativity from end users point of perspective. How about if we can combine both the digital as well as physical approach?  Yes, if organizations do so it will be a win-win situation from all the ends. 

Combining Digital and Physical ensures efficiency in the real-time scenario. Consider Nescode’s Ecommerce for instance. It has made both the digital as well as physical scenarios come together in people’s interest to avail their choice of products. In general, Ecommerce allows online platform for the tech savvy people too as well the physical stores for the ones who believe in investing time and buying the right product. And, surely, Ecommerce has gained the best outcomes in the current scenarios. Similarly, Organizations just shouldn’t rely on one of them, they should provide both the digital and physical aspects.

Execution And Building A Momentum In Ecosystem

It is of prime importance to understand that mere strategizing the things doesn’t help. One needs to come forward and execute it at the forefront. Hence, Organizations should set up the right team to keep up this momentum and get the things going in the real-time scenario. This would require dedicated and experienced professionals who carry a great level of expertise with them and can help build and regain the things.


Consulting services have come a great way through. Design-led thinking approach has evolved consulting to greater levels. It has connected the digital to the physical world in the real-time scenario. Nescode carries an immense expertise in delivering Consulting services. We, at Nescode  ensure that we bring out the best for you utilizing our expertise at the forefront.