Business Application software Implementation for Startup and Small Medium Enterprises

As  per our experience of day-to-day interaction with several startups and SME, we found out that they prefer using email, spreadsheet, registers and legacy application to manage all their processes and operation. At Nescode, we take up the trending and much efficient alternatives which ultimately results in the business  growth using open source ERP like Odoo( Formerly OpenERP) and ERPNext that simplifies the business by manyfolds and brings in the customer engagement to billing under one platform.

We stand like a pillar in implementing Odoo and ERPNext in more than 37+ plus companies covering various sectors including services, manufacturing, retail and education.

ERP for small business must be simpler and sharper than the traditional technology solution. In today’s business perspective, no business is too small for an ERP solution. ERP for small businesses allows to appear, act and operate like an enterprise-scale business. - Odoo for Startups and Small Medium Enterprise

Avoid complexity because it impose cost on your business

Study reveals, more than 30% of the ERP implementation fails majorly as a cause of two baseline reasons i.e., either your ERP application faces complexity in supporting your company’s digital transformation or it lacks the features that one requires. ERPNext overcomes all of these with it’s simple and feature rich approach.

Open source and trusted by users

ERPNext is an open source project i.e., there are no proprietary licenses as such claimed by large community with whom we improve its usability and features with every single release. Considering the statistics, ERPNext is extensively trusted by it’s users across 150+ countries and available in 70+ languages. Talking about features, it comprises of everything necessary for your startups and SME.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer satisfaction remains a major motto for any business enterprise and ERPNext  offering features like creating a lead and opportunity, follow ups, preparing quotation and sales order, communication and chat, managing multiple sales team and distributing commission etc.

Customer Relationship Management

Buying and Inventory management

Managing suppliers , automatically raises requests as per the orders, send purchase orders and record purchase receipts. Organize a multiple warehouse based on the needs and do track the inventory levels. Manage item serial numbers, stock validations and use automated inventory accounting.

Buying and Supplier management


Deliver your quality product at a faster pace with production planning tools. We assist you regularly in enhancing your manufacturing process by breaking down every single step right from making a bill of material to analysing production order report.

Production planning tool

Billing and payment

Governing a lead, billing  a customer and recording supplier invoice is interrelated under a standard workflow used globally. Using multiple currencies for billing, scheduling recurring invoices, credit and debit notes and approval based workflow, budget your purchase using monthly distribution of funds and cost centers.

Accounting application

Project Management

Track  your project, task and time log entries for work done. Share  task with colleagues, tracking orders, Invoice and inventory against projects and thus, generate invoice using time logs.

Open Source Project Management Tool

Human Resource Management

Encapsulated employee information, tracking attendance, leave application, record and approve expense claims, monthly payroll and hiring management.

Payroll management


Simplified resolving of customer support ticket, schedule maintenance, visit maintenance and communication than ever.

Open Source Helpdesk