Enterprise-Grade Open Source Solution for SME

In last decade, if there is a revolution in any sector that is Information Technology. Categorically, if we look - it’s open source. Enterprise-grade open source has become more widely available and organizations are adopting these technologies to support a range of critical new digital transformation initiatives.

Open source is a cost-effective way for digital transformation in terms of standardize, simplify and streamline core process and operations.

Majority of Small Medium Enterprise have a preference for vendor-supported open source software. - Open Source Research
Open Source software

Cost effective and Enterprise grade

Open source community backed by world’s leading technology brands is known to focus on common goals and critical business benefits. Global community along with end-user who use open source products in their day-to-day activities feed their experiences into mainstream development. Which helped shape open source into an Enterprise Grade software.

One important aspect of open source is an ability to standardize software and hardware layer, increase developer productivity, code quality and improve time-to-market which helps our customer.

Open Source Software

Stable, Secure and Scalable

Biggest advantage of open source project is a free access to code base which makes software cost effective for Small Medium Enterprise. There are few other attributes which make open source a unique: 

  • Stable and Secure: Majority of open source application are stable and secure. And at Nescode, we make it much more usable through testing for scalability, security, reliability and performance.
  • Scalable: Open Source software are able to scale up and scale down to suit customer needs and likely to include improved user interface, reference architectures and pre-integrated components that help organizations deploy and scale more quickly.
  • Rational Life Cycle: Open Source software offer a life cycle that may range from years to decades, depending on the products and norms is in the industry for similar products.
  • Maintenance and Support Service: At Nescode, we take responsibility for support, software maintenance, patches, updates, training and security fixes to give peace of mind.

Why Nescode Promote Opens Source Culture in SME

Way back in 2004, we come across an Open Source operating system called Ubuntu. It was an amazing experience for us. We started exploring the open source world and came to a conclusion that - Open Source software is much more compatible, secure, usable and scalable than proprietary software.