Harnessing Data Science To Renew Social Commitment

Social commitment refers to the roles and responsibilities that an individual or an organization possesses towards the society where we live in. These responsibilities may be towards another individual, a group of people, an institute, etc. Such roles and responsibilities are in accordance with the interest of mankind. 

We are a part of IT industry since years. The corporate industry not only has the responsibility to take care of their organizations, but also to help fellow countrymen in their upliftment. They are the best possible resources to do so as they have the required resources as well as the manpower that would be required to spread the awareness or making and utilizing strategy.

Data Science is a scientific field that deals with huge data and systems. It involves of various scientific methods, processes, algorithms to extract information from data and utilize it efficiently. As this field of science deals with huge meaningful datas and carries insights, this can be efficiently utilized to bring in a positive change in our society giving a positive outlook.

Abundance Of Data Production

Are you a school going child? Or an IT professional? Are you a teacher or a homemaker? Right from a small toddler to a grown up professional, we all produce data in one form or the other because while communicating or doing anything we leverage technology as an interface. 

The everyday data that we produce may be internal data or external data. Internal data is the one which originates from within the internal space like residency or an organization. External data is the one that originates and travels outside of our personal confined space. Furthermore, the flow of the data may be inward or outward i.e., a data may travel from an internal space to outside the space or from the outside proximity to inside. 

Data science

Every single machine that we use right from communication to diagnosis, it produces abundance of data that can be mined, understood and harnessed to gain new insights about how we, as an individual or society perform. At Nescode, we believe, if we can use same algorithms and techniques that an organization use to boost profits can be leveraged by mission-driven organization for social cause.

Data As A Resource To Bring People Together

How about using data to not only make better social or corporate decisions but also bringing people together by matching their hobbies, common goals, fun activities, religious and professional interests, etc. Yes, these days organizations are not just limited within the walls of their own organization, but rather, believe in providing their employees a global platform for global competencies. The biggest example of this initiative is the cultural exchange program that our government and various organizations organize where people visit, meet and know people from other nations and various other backgrounds. In this scenario too, data is present at each step. 

Being into the field of software development, Nescode has analyzed over these years the importance of a collaborative platform where people can share the data and the rest can utilize it as and when required for development in the common interest of our nation and the society. We carry a belief that if people share the data and resources they can help each other build themselves in turn uplifting our society. 

India, being one of the earliest found nations is at present a developing nation. There are several other developed and developing nations co-existing. If all these nations come together and take up an initiative to share their resources efficiently would help each of them grow. 

Address The Common Cause: Healthcare, Education And Social Security

Data is a vast and dynamic term. It carries huge potential. If used appropriately, it can help address the mainstream issues of various sectors including Healthcare, Education and Social Security, etc. Data can be used to generate insights which can further be utilized in these sectors for improving certain processes, for prior predictions that would help in planning strategy and rectifying issues. This would help enhance the life expectancy of people, proposing new learning opportunities as well as enhancing the social security globally also enhancing the economy of a nation.

Data and advanced algorithms can be leveraged in-depth to get in the cutting-edge analytics to maximize the social impact. Data Science involves huge interaction with the data and systems. As it uses complex algorithms, these algorithms are usually so well written and tested that if implemented well, it has potential to eradicate every single issue.

Control On Data

Before we discuss on control of data, lets analyse the source to classify and label the data, reason being, we live in a globalized world where to live together we need to share the information. We have been a part of several data based research and found out that discovery of data should be rule based and that rule should be defined by the source. End user should have the right to protect their sensitive information by labelling it. Having said that, collaboration is not possible without sharing the data but user should have flexible protection actions such as encryption, access restrictions and visual marking to monitor and remediate. 

User data security

Whole world is moving towards cloud first strategies for almost all set of data, that includes family photo storage to critical health records. And in this case, it is very important to analyse the tools, platform, cloud vendor and their information protection mechanism to protect the data to avoid damage. Nescode propose a social awareness program to address the data security for the larger interest especially in rural and semi-urban area because majority of the population in those area are still not aware about their digital footprints. 

However, considering the several data breaches, questions being raised in today’s cyber world is that, Is there anything called “security”? But instead of propelling the insecurity in public, as an organization, we must take necessary measures to protect users sensitive information without any deviation. 


We all are binded socially in an ecosystem with a uniting force called ‘social responsibilities’. At individual as well as organizational level across all the tiers of the society, we should come forward and take an oath to successfully deliver our responsibilities wholeheartedly. We are not alone in this cause. We have the backbone and support of ‘Technology’ to help us fulfill this cause. ‘Data Science’ is a field that must be leveraged at the ground level as a tool to eradicate the social issues and loopholes.