How Technology Is Changing The Way We Celebrate Festivals 

We are all set for Dussehra holidays followed up by Diwali. It is that time of the year when we see the festive colours and joyous faces all around. We find people right from the kids to adults, discussing, planning, shopping or making arrangements for the festive celebrations. Right from a school going kid to a corporate professional, all are eagerly waiting to celebrate the festivals in their own way. 

As per Indian culture and landscape, the proceedings of the festivals differ from region to region. India, being a secular and a multilingual nation is the place witnessing the rich and vibrant culture from across the nation as well as the globe. So, here we are during the period of the year where we are all excited to celebrate the festivals and enjoy to the fullest in our own way. Some are excited for the festive offers on shopping, some to hog on their heart out with mouth-watering delicacies, decorations, get-togethers, functions, etc. 

Well, we are all ready  to welcome and enjoy this festive season. Also, we claim that we are all tech-savvy and technology advancement has modernized us but, have we ever sat and pondered the connection between the technology advancement and the festivals? What role technology plays or has played over the years in the way we celebrate festivals? Have we? Well, no problem if you haven’t yet. Today is the day when we all will do so. Looking forward as to how? Well, Nescode is right here to help you in doing so. So, cheer up all, and scroll down the blog to have a bit of thinking with us.

Change In Way We Celebrate Festivals

Festive celebrations have always been celebrated enthusiastically since the early days. These dates back to the ancient times of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Although the ways of celebration would be different from the modern mode of celebrations. We have historical blueprints and evidences which reveals the importance of observance of each and every festival. Since it is the time for Dussehra and Diwali, let us take a historical glimpse of it. Our forefathers have been celebrating Dussehra as “The triumph of the good over evil”. This was the day when our mythological lord of Ayodhya, Sri Rama fought and attained victory over Ravana. Likewise, it is followed by celebrating Diwali, which marks the arrival of Sri Rama along with Seeta and Laxman back to Ayodhya after 14 long years. On one hand, Dussehra is conceptualised and celebrated by performing a ritual of burning Ravana Effigies with fireworks marking the destruction of the evil.. On the Other hand, Diwali is celebrated by lighting lamps. Both symbolises different actions, causes and perspectives.


There has been huge difference in the way our forefathers used to celebrate festivals and today’s time how we celebrate the festival. In ancient times, only people from a particular kingdom or dynasty had the right to celebrate or only particular set of people celebrating. But, now each individual has the right and freedom to celebrate. Earlier, people used more of natural things for decorations, cooking etc. but, over time,we have indulged in using artificial ingredients for the things to look extravagant. Also, the best cause of celebrating festivals these days is that, people from all across the globe and religion aren’t just restricted to celebrate within themselves. Instead, they are open and whole heartedly indulge with each other  in making festivals a great success. Nescode always supports brotherhood. And festivals are the biggest message spreader of brotherhood.  

What Role Technology Has Played In Celebrating Festivals

With the advancement in the technology, it has impacted on the festivals too. Under a deep thought? Well, why not? Just think of times when people used clay lanterns and see now, by what percentage do u find clay lanterns during the festivals? It's mostly the synthetic items or goods which are flooding the market. We have ample number of products, clothes, eatables to choose from. And in countries with such huge populations, how do u think such commodities in these many quantities are produced? Had it been all man made, it would have taken ages to produce such quantities. But, technology, our dear friend, has made it easier to produce huge quantities and distributed among the mass.

Well, Only a few days left off for the festivals, and you come up with a sudden plan to go to your native and celebrate with your family and friends? OMG!!! Well, nothing to be freaked out. This OMG factor doesn’t remain anymore. Just sit in front of your desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. and open your browser, visit airlines site, book the ticket and make transactions online. Bravo! And here you are on the day of festival by crossing several miles within a few hours of flight in front of your family. Wow, the idea itself gives a thrill, doesn’t it? So, now it must be really easy for you to make out the whole amazing idea was overdriven by our saviour in charge, ‘technology’.

Oh, wait! You won’t be able to make it out this season and celebrate with family and friends? Upset? Well, you shouldn’t be. Our dear Mr. Technology has provided us with devices, network connectivity and Applications through which u can watch your loved ones celebrating in front of your eyes, and you don’t feel excluded.

Technology Connected The People But Not The Culture

Yes, you read it right. Thinking that we are contradicting the last section where we were praising Technology and now all of a sudden at the verge of criticizing it? Well, please re-read the sub-heading. Technology has played a vital role in connecting people. But, Festivals are the reason to connect the cultures. Yes, technology is a medium that helps festivals to gather people and the sense of festivity brings the joy and valor to re-unite the varied cultures a nation carries.

Well, if we observe in-depth, we would observe that celebrating festivals brings in great positivity in day to day personal as well as social affairs. It symbolises and showcases a great unity in our across our nation. People stay united and get involved with each other while celebrating festivals. The family culture, which we can see is vanishing these days stays intact. Festivals give people staying away from their home working day and night for their family and future a reason and an Occasion to meet their near and dear ones. Not only these, only these festivals have given an opportunity  and a hope to the Soldiers safeguarding our nation out there and brings them home. The seldom essence of festivals and celebrations lies in to firmly hold the roots of human values through inclusiveness and togetherness.  


Festivals are widely celebrated all across the globe all throughout the year. It is not only a cause of celebration or worshipping thy God, but also, carries a hidden responsibility of uniting the mass. It is a ray of hope that gives people a reason to smile, to stay happy and joyful and Technology helps this ray of hope stay alive. So, here we are in your festive journey doing our bit and giving you all an overview of what and how Festivals and Technology mean to us, and how they support each other. We take immense pleasure at Nescode, to wish each one of you a happy and joyful festivals.

Team Nescode.