‘Learning’ refers to acquiring knowledge, behavior or brushing up/enhancing the existing knowledge and skills. Learning is of extreme importance in context with life and career. Learning doesn't only mean to gain literacy. Rather, it is a broader term inclusive of behaviour, judgemental, values, emotions, principles, policies and knowledge that sum up to build a responsible human being from all perspectives. We start learning right from the day we are born. A kid learns and does things exctly in the same way as he/she sees his parents doing. Hence, it is of utmost importance to showcase and teach them the right thing which would add supreme value to their future. 

Learning is a continuous process to gain knowledge. And why only humans even the animals, birds, machines as well as even the plants show learning instincts. Each of them have their own mode of knowledge gain and supply modes. Further, they learn based on their adaptability, accessibility, acceptance as well as relevance. For example, a human kid would learn how to walk, but a plant need not do so. An animal may learn how to catch its prey, but a human, a plant or a machine need not. 

Current Education System: Learning For Living 

The current education system and institutions follow a model where it just helps people to learn and earn a living. It is highly restricted to that. Education should be much more than this. Parents are just after getting their wards literate and not educated really. Youth is blindly being a sheep of the herd in even choosing their career. They don't see or understand the importance of building a career out of their passion. Even the organizations and institutions operate in a way that they focus on textual concepts or just stick to the curriculum. Organizations and institutions should translate the learning process to shape the people into meaningful human beings.

Is the current course structure and learning approach even worth enough to let people earn the sufficient amount of money to earn living? Due to this approach, people have developed a mindset for limited learning. People study just a day before exams and vomit what they studied a night before in exam papers. Their sole objective is to just clear the exams or score good in exams. We, at Nescode feel that this is the thought which is holding the people behind. People lag the actual importance of doing something significant. They just study to score well in the exams and not with an objective to gain quality knowledge. With this, their knowledge remains limited and earn limited money due to restricted skills. 

Learning Process Should Be Holistic In Nature

A holistic learning approach in academics or professional career makes more sense. Approach of learning should lie in reference to knowing the day-to-day world and beyond. People shouldn't just stick to their study materials and do the limited studying a day before the examinations. Rather, they should follow a proper routine for not only studying their curriculum study materials but, also, explore more and more in the concepts.

Refactor learning 

Please note that, before we start learning, we need to know the objective behind our learning. In order to sync with the objective of learning, we need to figure out why we are learning in prior to start learning. The objective of learning should never be bound to just earning a living. It is really easy in current scenario to have just one skill and earn your living out of it. Learning in real sense is the one which enhances your knowledge, personality and makes you a better person than the day before. 

Refactor Learning To Foster Diversity And Analytical View

The need of the hour lies in refactoring the learning process to foster diversity in thought and analytical views altogether. Diversity in thought empowers the workplace, society and overall growth. It brings out the versatility of a person’s thought, skills and personality. A person showcasing versatility in all these is certainly outstands than the rest. 

Nescode has done a detailed study based on the observations for past several years. We found that Analytical approach is missing in majority of people due to current learning process. People are not curious the way they should be. Majority of the people are failing in solving or rectifying the problems due to their analytical views and abilities. They aren't able to showcase their thinking capabilities logically. As a result, most of the people end up in following the predefined approach and earning a living without even trying to think differently. 

Curiosity Is An Engine Of Achievement

Have you ever noticed that you tend to do the work better and excel in it if you are curious and reluctant about it? Yes, ‘Curiosity’ is the factor. It acts as an engine of achievement. Take an example of the children. Since the time they are born, they learn something or the other. This is so because they are curious to know things. They see a new thing, and their mind works after gathering information about it. This is the reason growing kids learn faster than an adult. When people start growing, they start losing the curiosity in same proportion. A person will only grow and  learn faster and better when he/she is actually curious about it.Analytical view

By now, we all agree with the fact that, adults tend to lose curiosity as they grow. There may be multiple reasons after it. The major one is that adults have division of attention. Till a certain age, kids just have to focus on studies so they do it free mindedly with no tension and fear. As people grow, they start concentrating on various other things too, good or bad, apart from learning. Hence, their attention gets divided and they lose the curiosity towards learning and focus their mind elsewhere. We need to maintain a constant curiosity throughout our life to be a good learner. Even though we may face many challenges and situations, but we should focus our mind and not let it deviate to less important things than learning. We should always try to learn more and more.

Learning For Success & Beyond

Today’s world is full of meeting social standards and materialistic standards. It is always good to learn for a better life in terms of social standards. We won’t feel left behind or lagging. Learning always helps in enhancing the knowledge. This knowledge acts as a weapon for a better earning and living upto the current social standards.

Living upto the social standards is good enough. But, does life mean all about the materialistic world? It certainly isn’t. Life is much more and deeper than this. Learning doesn’t only increase the knowledge of people, rather, it helps people know their true identity of self and to attain their ultimate objective of life. It fills people with immense self confidence and allows them to outshine. A knowledgeable person always carries a strong confidence level within himself. Learning makes the all round development of a person possible.  


‘Learning’ had been, is and always will be the biggest need of a successful and meaningful life. Money might make the life successful but, Learning adds a meaning to it. People should always focus on learning and maintain a consistency in it. This is the ultimate step towards success and beyond.